Monday, December 5, 2011

Feet Challenge

I entered a super cute contest with iheart faces. You can see all the entries here. There are lots of super cute entries. Here was mine.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yay for state holidays!

IMG_5568, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
IMG_5568 by Mel Brown PhotographyI haven't been feeling 100% this week and I am extremely happy that it's a short one! Veteran's Day is a State Holiday which means my kids go to school tomorrow, my husband goes to work and I am home alone, well me and the dog Miley! I plan on finishing up these senior pics... I took them last Saturday. She is a gorgeous girl!

Saturday I have a photo shoot with my BFF's (Stacey and Will) and their beautiful daughter Madison.

I just updated my website with some small changes and added more fun photo's... you can check it out at MB Photography.

Well it's a short update but I'll be back....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall in Michigan

IMG_5370 by Mel Brown Photography
IMG_5370, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
Ok it is been an awfully long time since I have posted on here! It has been a wonderful fall season. A few photo shoots and a few more to do hopefully before it gets too cold out!! The picture I am sharing is from the photo shoot I did yesterday of the Davis Family - what an amazing family to work with.  It was quite chilly out yesterday but it was the perfect weather besides that for some great pictures! 

The kids are doing great in school. Their progress reports have not surprised me. Nikolas is doing amazing academically, no surprise really. I have a very smart boy on my hands. Allyson is doing very well academically as well, struggling with some behavior issues, but that doesn't surprise me either. I have been raising one extremely independent little girl! They are both going to be doing scouts this year and both are in catechism. This is a big year for Nik - his first reconciliation and his First Communion. Can't wait to get him in a suit and get some cute pictures of that day this spring!

There has been so much great news lately!  Great things happening all around me!  Great friends of mine, Stacey and Will Wylie, had their beautiful baby girl Madison Mae.   Another friend of mine, Sarah Miller, is pregnant and due in May.  Erica and Adam Pennington have bought their first home and are moving in today!  Monica and Al Luckwald tied the knot last weekend (beatiful ceremony and reception).  Love having so many reasons around us to celebrate and be happy and excited for! 

Well Ta Ta for now!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kids up north

Kids up north by Mel Brown Photography
Kids up north, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.

What a great summer! Well just like most Michiganders we have been trying to get in all the outdoors fun we can in the 4 months we have of GREAT weather. We have been camping a couple of times, sat at baseball and tball games, fairs, cedar point, swimming, lawn work... it's been wonderful. I love the fall weather but hate knowing what season comes next. But looking forward to the windows being open and the leaves changing and the hoodie weather. Hoping to get a few more photo sessions booked for the fall. Kids are starting school in a week from tomorrow. My baby girl is going to kindergarten... can't believe in just a few months she'll be reading to ME! Oh my they grow sooo fast! One of my BFF's had their healthy, beautiful baby girl Madison Mae a couple weeks ago... oh my she is such a little beauty (and I don't think ALL newborns are cute, but she really is!) I can't believe every time I have went to see her I have went without a camera in hand! Well ta ta for now!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

IMG_4539a by Mel Brown Photography
photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
Life has been crazy busy! Had a super fun wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago. Congrats again to Jason and Samantha! Sharing a fav from the day... still more to play with though so my fav may change! She was a gorgeous bride and the rain held off until we were at the reception. Perfect day!

I have had a couple other fun shoots. The winner of my contest I had a few months ago and I were finally able to meet up and have a little fun with her gorgeous daughter.

It has been a crazy month and still more craziness to come... I turned 30 last week and my amazing husband through me a birthday party. There were tons of people there and we had lots of laughs. This coming weekend is my daughter's birthday party, Allyson is turning 5! OMG where is the time going? She graduated from preschool last week. My baby :(

One of my very good friends is getting married the end of this month. Looking forward to that for sure another friend from Arizona is coming in and we are going across state to see her get married on the beach. Praying for great weather and lots of fun!

I live my whole life for summer and it's finally upon us! I think all of us Michiganders just wait for summer and then cram it all in these 3 beautiful months! Gotta enjoy this gorgeous weather while it's here.

Well signing off for now - Ta Ta!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Summer!!!

Been a while!
Had a couple photo shoots, sharing with my niece - she is turning 2 this month!!

Lots going on lately... been very busy. The Brown's landscaping project is about complete - YAY!  We have received lots of compliments on it too. 

Nik's birthday party was awesome.  There were lots loud children with giant smiles, sticky fingers and painted faces!

Had a couple funerals to attend this past week.  It was a rough week emotionally.

We have a very busy month ahead of us.  3 birthday parties, 1 baby shower, 1 wedding, friend coming in from Arizona... Wowzer! 

Hopefully I can update again before July!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday BLAHS

Monica and Al 2 by Mel Brown Photography
Monica and Al 2, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
Had an engagement shoot this past weekend... OMG they were so fun! It was good friends of mine Monica and Al. I have lots and lots of fun pics to go through and get ready for them, but this is my favorite - so far at least! 

Nik's birthday party is in 5 days. Made posters and such last night... he chose a carnival theme so we are putting together a carnival. I am in aww that he is turning 7... what happened? I feel like my kids should get permission from me before they grow. Oh well guess I'll deal with it.

Kids are both in ball this year. Niks doing coach pitch and he has practice 2 nights a week. Ally is doing tball and has practice one night a week. Both have games on Saturday mornings. Ally was so excited to start last night! She was dying for a pink baseball bat. Of course her Daddy got her one... spoiled! lol

Back to work....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring 2011

Spring 2011 by Mel Brown Photography
Spring 2011, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
Oh my gosh! I just got the coolest new stuff! I got some sweet textures from La La Design! The one I used here is the Lima Millionaire - I love it!!  They are amazing and sooo much fun to play with! This is my favorite creation so far! Amazing stuff! I have an engagement shoot tomorrow with some awesome people! I can't wait to play with them and then come home and play with my new textures!!

On another note... kids are keeping us busy. Swimming ended and now baseball began. Nik's first practice was the past week and Ally's is this coming. They are both so excited to play - makes me so happy since I myself love the sport!

Nik's birthday is this coming weekend - he's gonna be 7! OMG 7! That is CRAZY! I could go on about how it was just yesterday... blah blah blah (it's so true though!) His birthday party is next Saturday. He wanted a carnival theme so that's what he's getting! It should be fun!

I keep being reminded that I am turning 30 in 1 month... but I am in denial...

Well off to bed... have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Been awhile again....

12b, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
12b by Mel Brown PhotographyDid you miss me? LOL Been busy with kids, this week has been nice though. Kids are on spring break from school and all functions! So no swimming, no dance, no tumbling and catechism is over! With that, the kids are bouncing all over the place sitter at home, Grandma Carney's, Grandma Jean's, Aunt Lori's... I'm going to be off with them tomorrow and our goal is to get Easter pics done!

Easter is this Sunday... need to get a few more things for baskets and will be coloring eggs Thursday or Friday so we will be bunny ready!

Had a photo shoot last Saturday with some adorable kiddos... one of my favorites is in this blog... this lil' boys expressions were adorable!

Some GREAT news! My BFF Kristin is getting married in Monetego Bay on 7/7/12!   Totally excited! Been talking to her almost every night this week about the excitement. I have realized how much I have been missing this girl with all the talking we have been doing. Life is sucking me in and I am missing my friends! Gotta make a better point of chatting with them!

Well I better get my butt back to work!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Good morning!

Well I have have been MIA for a bit...
Adam Graduate of Dundee 2011
Had a Senior shoot this past weekend. They just wanted his activity pictures, had the rest done at Prestige (no comment LOL). I'm including one of my favorites from the shoot although there are a couple I really like so far. Still have more editing I want to do on more pictures for him though.

We have been keeping very busy with kids and such. They started swimming this past week. Our schedule for the week is as follows: Monday is Catechism, Tuesday is swimming, Wednesday is tap and tumbling, Thursday is swimming, Friday NOTHING!! Now T-ball will be starting soon so we will add that to the mix somewhere soon! We are definitely keeping busy that is for sure!

This past weekend was such a nice weekend. Friday we went to dinner for my MIL.  There were 15 of us at Mexican Gardens and then back to my BIL's for cake and Sangria (Yummmm).  Saturday I went to a craft show and did a little shopping with my MIL and SIL.  Saturday night we took the kiddos to Chuckee Cheeses and we all had a really fun time.  Ally LOVED riding the rides and climbing the tubes. She even made a friend.  Fun to watch!  Nik and Mark played a bunch of games.  I too got a couple games of Ski-Ball in!  I have decided I want one of those in our basement!  LOL  Sunday hubby made us omletes for breakfast, we went to Puppy Training, did some shopping and grabbed a burger.  Took the kids to Pranks on the Marsh and they got a kick out of being in a Bar!  LOL 
Very excited for this Friday, Hubby bought us tickets to the Detroit Tigers Home Opener! I can't wait! I hope it warms up though. Thinking I need to work on getting a new hoodie for this Friday!
Ok well back to work... have a great week!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St.Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day!  Are you wearing your green??? I am!  Are you eatin' corned beef tonight?  I am - and I am excited about it!

I had a contest going on my facebook page and announced the winner this a.m.  I am super excited to get her free sitting booked!   This was the winning picture with 70 some votes!  Yay!

On another note - I think spring might be on it's way to making an appearance!  There has been a few clues...
1. the fact that I did NOT wear a coat to work for 2 days in a row!
2. a friend at work has some tulips popping up in her front yard!
3. I saw a motorcyle this a.m.!!
The only thing I am missing is hearing Summertime by Will Smith on the radio, that would be a SURE sign!

Just got the kids signed up for swimming lessons starting at the end of this month, they will be very excited!  I am excited for them.  Now on Saturday we are getting them signed up for ball for the summer (ooh that is definitely another sign of spring!)

Another exciting thing... I took some pics for Dashingly Dainty Designs... I think I mentioned that in my last blog... well it's being published!  She had her boutique featured in the Spring 2011 PREMIER issue of Bebes & Beaus Magazine and my photo is the one being used!  YAY!  I was super excited and of course I ordered the magazine!   Check it out: Bebes & Beaus Magazine!  (pg 26 bottom left).

Well that is about it for me at this time.... signing off.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Contest Time

Lots of contests running right now.  I started on on my facebook page for customers.  I have 10 entries and some major voting going on, very exciting.  I am giving away a free photo session.  Maybe I can get some new clients this way! 

I also entered one of my favorite photos of mine into a contest as well.  It is for Color Inc.  I could win $300 in prints.  That would be AMAZING!  So if you are reading this and haven't voted yet... please go to my photo on their page and vote please please please!!  The photo I entered is here. 

On another note my new furniture is being delivered today.  Last night Mark and I tried to get the old couch downstairs... it wasn't happening!  We tried upside down, rightside up, turned over, standing it up, went in from different angles... it is just too big to make it down there.  I posted it on facebook and within an hour I have a friend coming to get it tonight!  Out with the old in with the new I suppose.  Now we just need to keep an eye out for a smaller couch or loveseat for down there.

Well back to work...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Swell Weekend...

5a by Mel Brown PhotographyIt's Tuesday already and I am still thinking about this passed weekend! I did NOT work overtime - Woo Hoo! That is always a bonus!

Late last week I did a mini-photo-shoot with an amazing Boutique Owner - Dashingly Dainty Designs . Her daughter is just too adorable and the clothes this women makes is amazing! I just ordered Ally's Easter Dress from her for this year - Yay!

Found myself pretty sad last week on the 1st... was wishing I was able to spend some time with my BFF for her 30th Birthday and unfortunately it wasn't in the cards :( However we did all send her some flowers.

Had to stay home on Friday with Ally.  She was up all night the night before coughing and coughing and coughing.... it was horrible!  Fever and cough... but Saturday morning she woke up and told me her ears hurt, so Ally and I headed to Urgent Care, luckily our Dr's office has one on Saturday's until 12noon.  Ear infection it was, antibiotics she got. It is our first ear infection, hopefully the last!!

Saturday I went to have lunch with some of my favorite people ever! I spent 2.5 hours at Panera visiting with them and found out some of those crazy girls stayed like 5.5! That just goes to show you how we should be getting together MUCH more than we do!

After having a latte and some laughs I picked up my mother-in-law to take her shopping for a new lazy-boy for her livingroom. While we were there I found a couch I wanted! Lynda couldn't decide on a chair. We decided to take Mark and Marc back the next day and see what they think. So we headed back empty handed, well stopped for Wendy's on the way home for everyone.

Sunday we went back to Art Van and picked out a completely different couch AND we decided to get a chair and a half too... they will be delivered on Thursday sometime - exciting! After furniture shopping we went to lunch with the In-Laws and back to the house.

It was just a nice weekend... hated to come back to this place! Well on with the week...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday - Yuck!

Well it's Monday. 
Almost finished with the day as work goes.  Had a great weekend though.  Friday after work went home with my flowers from Mark . He got home about 6 or so, brought us some trinkets of course the kids were ecstatic.  We went and caught a bite to eat and went to Kmart.  Saturday I did NOT work overtime - that was nice!  Hung out with the family day.  Mark and I had bowling in the evening.  Didn't bowl all that exciting, Mark bowled a 190 though.  Stopped at Pete's Garage for a drink and then went home.  Sunday was Miley's first vet appointment.  Monday we were at PetSmart and weighed her and she weighed 15.0lbs, her Vet is the one at PetSmart and we weighed her again (same scale) on Sunday and she weighed 16.6lbs.  Getting bigger already!!  We all went back to the house and laid around and napped, just was lazy and it was wonderful!  Mark took the kids and I to BD's Mongolian BBQ for dinner - YUMMMM!  So yes all in all it was a wonderful weekend! 
 But with all that it brings us back to Monday - BLAH! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anniversary Flowers

Well my husband is home! Got home last night... brought back some souvenirs for the kids and I. It is so good to have him back! I don't like missing him. Here is a pic of the beautiful flowers he had sent to my work.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long Night

Well today is Mark and I's 4th wedding anniversary and boy do I still love that man! He is still away from training, coming home tomorrow and I can't wait! I have missed him. It is kinda boring without him around the house.

Well I tried to have Miley sleep downstairs in her crate... NOT ready for that! She woke me at 2am at 4am and at 5:30am! So she WILL be sleeping back in my room tonight! Poor puppy would just cry and cry. The bell seems to be working though - nice! Accidents are less and less. She even made it in her crate ALL day while we were at work and school without ANY accidents! YAY!

Got work to do!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Puppy

New Puppy
Originally uploaded by Mel Brown Photography
Okie dokie people we have had the puppy since Friday at 4pm. I picked her up at the airport and brought her home. She is just too cute and we have been loving on her a lot! House training is going so-so, could go better but could be MUCH worse. She seems to be sleeping through the night now, so that is a bonus! She woke up the first 2 nights but then since has slept through until morning - that's nice! I have come to realize with this house training thing that I don't think I am training her at this point but training me! I am bound and determined to get this puppy trained asap though! I have been taking her out every 20-30 minutes, unless she's napping. We are trying the bell trick, friends of ours swear by it and even gave us a bell - thank you Wylie family!

Mark left for training for work on Sunday afternoon. They had to drive through some of the snow blizzard we had that day, but their training is in Indianapolis, so once they got out a little way the snow was gone. Good for them! But not for me! I waited until Monday and went and snow blowed. I did the driveway, sidewalks... I did good too! Too bad the damn plows plowed the end of my driveway Monday night late. Oh well!

Lucky for me I had a nice long weekend... worked some overtime on Saturday. But I was off Monday for President's Day and took Tuesday off to be with the kids (they were on winter break). I loved having the break away from work, but after 3 days straight of being with my kids I realize why I am NOT a stay-at-home-mom! I am definitely not cut out for that! LOL

Ok well back to work!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Late Night!

Ok so hubby had me up way to late last night!  We were going through top songs in the 1990's.  Brought back sooo many memories.  As a result this morning I have Crash Test Dummies - Mmmmm Mmmm Mmmmm stuck in my head!  Lots of fun though! 

Tonight we have some shopping to do.  Our new addition is flying in from Arkansas!  Woo hoo!  After work Mark, the kids, and I are heading to Pet Smart to stock up on puppy supplies!  If all goes as planned I will get to post some pics of Miley tomorrow evening.  Yay! 

Short post yes I to get some work done! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playin in the snow

Here is a cute one of the kids...they used the black thing to fill up with snow for the snowmans bottom. Though it didn't work out well... when Dad put the middle on it broke the bottom. :( All that work and all they got was some pictures LOL

Just another Wednesday

Nothing new and exciting has happened lately... working on doing a new advertisement for some Senior pictures. Hoping to get some of those last-minute-seniors for 2011!

Valentines Day was just another day, we worked and ran kids. Though Mark brought home some beautiful flowers - always appreciated!! Love that man! Kids recieved alot of Valentines and Candy, obviously that makes them happy!

Had a great Sunday with Mark and the kiddos, they played in the snow for a while. That was great since they have been driving us crazy with all of their pent up energy!! They had a blast until the snowman's eyes would stay in... then they came in for hot cocoa.

Ta Ta for now!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Been a while!

I started this blog and then forgot about it. New found friend at work showed me hers and sparked my interest to start blogging on mine. Life is going well... loving the new house, kids are healthy, still in love with the hubby... what more can I ask for?

Well the hubby made me totally old recentely... traded in my Saturn Vue for a Dodge Caravan... yes I just said van! I like it though... roomy and the kids LOVE it! Funny the stigma I have with them, the idea of me driving a mini-van CRAZY! I talked alot of shit about them in the past so I expected WAY more teasing than I received!

This friday we are getting our puppy. We have decided her name is Miley. She is a Mastiff... at 6 weeks old she was 10lbs 12oz! Here is a pic of our new puppy... we are so excited to meet her this Friday.Speaking of this Friday... lucky for Mark. He's going on training for a week. Leaving next Sunday night and coming back on Friday. So he will miss the first week of us having a puppy and and even sadder - our anniversary. Our 4th wedding anniversary I'll be spending it at work for the day and then in the evening with 2 kids and a puppy. Kinda sad. But glad the hubby is getting more training for work.

Well Sangria is getting to me (Yay!) I am going to say farewell for now!