Thursday, March 10, 2011

Contest Time

Lots of contests running right now.  I started on on my facebook page for customers.  I have 10 entries and some major voting going on, very exciting.  I am giving away a free photo session.  Maybe I can get some new clients this way! 

I also entered one of my favorite photos of mine into a contest as well.  It is for Color Inc.  I could win $300 in prints.  That would be AMAZING!  So if you are reading this and haven't voted yet... please go to my photo on their page and vote please please please!!  The photo I entered is here. 

On another note my new furniture is being delivered today.  Last night Mark and I tried to get the old couch downstairs... it wasn't happening!  We tried upside down, rightside up, turned over, standing it up, went in from different angles... it is just too big to make it down there.  I posted it on facebook and within an hour I have a friend coming to get it tonight!  Out with the old in with the new I suppose.  Now we just need to keep an eye out for a smaller couch or loveseat for down there.

Well back to work...

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