Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Been awhile again....

12b, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
12b by Mel Brown PhotographyDid you miss me? LOL Been busy with kids, this week has been nice though. Kids are on spring break from school and all functions! So no swimming, no dance, no tumbling and catechism is over! With that, the kids are bouncing all over the place sitter at home, Grandma Carney's, Grandma Jean's, Aunt Lori's... I'm going to be off with them tomorrow and our goal is to get Easter pics done!

Easter is this Sunday... need to get a few more things for baskets and will be coloring eggs Thursday or Friday so we will be bunny ready!

Had a photo shoot last Saturday with some adorable kiddos... one of my favorites is in this blog... this lil' boys expressions were adorable!

Some GREAT news! My BFF Kristin is getting married in Monetego Bay on 7/7/12!   Totally excited! Been talking to her almost every night this week about the excitement. I have realized how much I have been missing this girl with all the talking we have been doing. Life is sucking me in and I am missing my friends! Gotta make a better point of chatting with them!

Well I better get my butt back to work!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Good morning!

Well I have have been MIA for a bit...
Adam Graduate of Dundee 2011
Had a Senior shoot this past weekend. They just wanted his activity pictures, had the rest done at Prestige (no comment LOL). I'm including one of my favorites from the shoot although there are a couple I really like so far. Still have more editing I want to do on more pictures for him though.

We have been keeping very busy with kids and such. They started swimming this past week. Our schedule for the week is as follows: Monday is Catechism, Tuesday is swimming, Wednesday is tap and tumbling, Thursday is swimming, Friday NOTHING!! Now T-ball will be starting soon so we will add that to the mix somewhere soon! We are definitely keeping busy that is for sure!

This past weekend was such a nice weekend. Friday we went to dinner for my MIL.  There were 15 of us at Mexican Gardens and then back to my BIL's for cake and Sangria (Yummmm).  Saturday I went to a craft show and did a little shopping with my MIL and SIL.  Saturday night we took the kiddos to Chuckee Cheeses and we all had a really fun time.  Ally LOVED riding the rides and climbing the tubes. She even made a friend.  Fun to watch!  Nik and Mark played a bunch of games.  I too got a couple games of Ski-Ball in!  I have decided I want one of those in our basement!  LOL  Sunday hubby made us omletes for breakfast, we went to Puppy Training, did some shopping and grabbed a burger.  Took the kids to Pranks on the Marsh and they got a kick out of being in a Bar!  LOL 
Very excited for this Friday, Hubby bought us tickets to the Detroit Tigers Home Opener! I can't wait! I hope it warms up though. Thinking I need to work on getting a new hoodie for this Friday!
Ok well back to work... have a great week!