Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall in Michigan

IMG_5370 by Mel Brown Photography
IMG_5370, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
Ok it is been an awfully long time since I have posted on here! It has been a wonderful fall season. A few photo shoots and a few more to do hopefully before it gets too cold out!! The picture I am sharing is from the photo shoot I did yesterday of the Davis Family - what an amazing family to work with.  It was quite chilly out yesterday but it was the perfect weather besides that for some great pictures! 

The kids are doing great in school. Their progress reports have not surprised me. Nikolas is doing amazing academically, no surprise really. I have a very smart boy on my hands. Allyson is doing very well academically as well, struggling with some behavior issues, but that doesn't surprise me either. I have been raising one extremely independent little girl! They are both going to be doing scouts this year and both are in catechism. This is a big year for Nik - his first reconciliation and his First Communion. Can't wait to get him in a suit and get some cute pictures of that day this spring!

There has been so much great news lately!  Great things happening all around me!  Great friends of mine, Stacey and Will Wylie, had their beautiful baby girl Madison Mae.   Another friend of mine, Sarah Miller, is pregnant and due in May.  Erica and Adam Pennington have bought their first home and are moving in today!  Monica and Al Luckwald tied the knot last weekend (beatiful ceremony and reception).  Love having so many reasons around us to celebrate and be happy and excited for! 

Well Ta Ta for now!