Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday BLAHS

Monica and Al 2 by Mel Brown Photography
Monica and Al 2, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
Had an engagement shoot this past weekend... OMG they were so fun! It was good friends of mine Monica and Al. I have lots and lots of fun pics to go through and get ready for them, but this is my favorite - so far at least! 

Nik's birthday party is in 5 days. Made posters and such last night... he chose a carnival theme so we are putting together a carnival. I am in aww that he is turning 7... what happened? I feel like my kids should get permission from me before they grow. Oh well guess I'll deal with it.

Kids are both in ball this year. Niks doing coach pitch and he has practice 2 nights a week. Ally is doing tball and has practice one night a week. Both have games on Saturday mornings. Ally was so excited to start last night! She was dying for a pink baseball bat. Of course her Daddy got her one... spoiled! lol

Back to work....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring 2011

Spring 2011 by Mel Brown Photography
Spring 2011, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
Oh my gosh! I just got the coolest new stuff! I got some sweet textures from La La Design! The one I used here is the Lima Millionaire - I love it!!  They are amazing and sooo much fun to play with! This is my favorite creation so far! Amazing stuff! I have an engagement shoot tomorrow with some awesome people! I can't wait to play with them and then come home and play with my new textures!!

On another note... kids are keeping us busy. Swimming ended and now baseball began. Nik's first practice was the past week and Ally's is this coming. They are both so excited to play - makes me so happy since I myself love the sport!

Nik's birthday is this coming weekend - he's gonna be 7! OMG 7! That is CRAZY! I could go on about how it was just yesterday... blah blah blah (it's so true though!) His birthday party is next Saturday. He wanted a carnival theme so that's what he's getting! It should be fun!

I keep being reminded that I am turning 30 in 1 month... but I am in denial...

Well off to bed... have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!