Sunday, February 13, 2011

Been a while!

I started this blog and then forgot about it. New found friend at work showed me hers and sparked my interest to start blogging on mine. Life is going well... loving the new house, kids are healthy, still in love with the hubby... what more can I ask for?

Well the hubby made me totally old recentely... traded in my Saturn Vue for a Dodge Caravan... yes I just said van! I like it though... roomy and the kids LOVE it! Funny the stigma I have with them, the idea of me driving a mini-van CRAZY! I talked alot of shit about them in the past so I expected WAY more teasing than I received!

This friday we are getting our puppy. We have decided her name is Miley. She is a Mastiff... at 6 weeks old she was 10lbs 12oz! Here is a pic of our new puppy... we are so excited to meet her this Friday.Speaking of this Friday... lucky for Mark. He's going on training for a week. Leaving next Sunday night and coming back on Friday. So he will miss the first week of us having a puppy and and even sadder - our anniversary. Our 4th wedding anniversary I'll be spending it at work for the day and then in the evening with 2 kids and a puppy. Kinda sad. But glad the hubby is getting more training for work.

Well Sangria is getting to me (Yay!) I am going to say farewell for now!

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