Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday - Yuck!

Well it's Monday. 
Almost finished with the day as work goes.  Had a great weekend though.  Friday after work went home with my flowers from Mark . He got home about 6 or so, brought us some trinkets of course the kids were ecstatic.  We went and caught a bite to eat and went to Kmart.  Saturday I did NOT work overtime - that was nice!  Hung out with the family day.  Mark and I had bowling in the evening.  Didn't bowl all that exciting, Mark bowled a 190 though.  Stopped at Pete's Garage for a drink and then went home.  Sunday was Miley's first vet appointment.  Monday we were at PetSmart and weighed her and she weighed 15.0lbs, her Vet is the one at PetSmart and we weighed her again (same scale) on Sunday and she weighed 16.6lbs.  Getting bigger already!!  We all went back to the house and laid around and napped, just was lazy and it was wonderful!  Mark took the kids and I to BD's Mongolian BBQ for dinner - YUMMMM!  So yes all in all it was a wonderful weekend! 
 But with all that it brings us back to Monday - BLAH! 


Beverly Carney said...

Hey Mel - Cute Blog Page but I know you had more than 1 drink Sat. night at Pete's! :-) It was nice to have laughs with you...we need more nights like that!

MB Photography said...

LOL ok yes I had more like 3 drinks!
We definitely need more nights like that, lots of laughs are always fun!