Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Is Here!

The leaves are changing and they are gorgeous!  I absolutely love fall, but what I don't like about the season is that it is one season closer to Winter.  I get the winter blues every year and just thinking about it get's the feelings started.  BUT this Winter we have something to look forward too!  We are going on a cruise with family and friends.  I am so stinking excited I put a ticker on the page to count down the days.  I do have a little be of reservations as I have never left my kids that long!  I know they will be fine as I am leaving them with my inlaws and they are amazing peeps!

School started and all chaios has begun!  Nik is in fall flag football.  What a fun game to watch.  It's about and hour on a Sunday afternoon of watching these little 7-8 year old kids on a quarter of a football field having a blast!  They make passes and everything, never thought I would enjoy watching football until my boy stepped foot on that field.  Now I am one of "those" mom's in the stands and I love it!

Allyson started gymnastics and she is loving it!  What I love the most is that it keeps her going and holds her interest.  In dance and cheer she seemed bored and had time to whine about something or another, but with gymnastics she goes into the gym and hour later she comes out exhausted!  It's great!

When I list our activities we sound like crazy people, but life isn't all that crazy right now.  Here is our list:
Work for Mark and I
School for the kids
Football for Nik
Gymnastics for Ally
Catechism for both kiddos
BoyScouts for Nik
Daisy Scouts for Ally
Bowling for Mark and I (every other Saturday)
Looks crazy right!  But we are all just enjoying the ride! 

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