Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Is Here!

The leaves are changing and they are gorgeous!  I absolutely love fall, but what I don't like about the season is that it is one season closer to Winter.  I get the winter blues every year and just thinking about it get's the feelings started.  BUT this Winter we have something to look forward too!  We are going on a cruise with family and friends.  I am so stinking excited I put a ticker on the page to count down the days.  I do have a little be of reservations as I have never left my kids that long!  I know they will be fine as I am leaving them with my inlaws and they are amazing peeps!

School started and all chaios has begun!  Nik is in fall flag football.  What a fun game to watch.  It's about and hour on a Sunday afternoon of watching these little 7-8 year old kids on a quarter of a football field having a blast!  They make passes and everything, never thought I would enjoy watching football until my boy stepped foot on that field.  Now I am one of "those" mom's in the stands and I love it!

Allyson started gymnastics and she is loving it!  What I love the most is that it keeps her going and holds her interest.  In dance and cheer she seemed bored and had time to whine about something or another, but with gymnastics she goes into the gym and hour later she comes out exhausted!  It's great!

When I list our activities we sound like crazy people, but life isn't all that crazy right now.  Here is our list:
Work for Mark and I
School for the kids
Football for Nik
Gymnastics for Ally
Catechism for both kiddos
BoyScouts for Nik
Daisy Scouts for Ally
Bowling for Mark and I (every other Saturday)
Looks crazy right!  But we are all just enjoying the ride! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Miller's Baby!

IMG_6777soft by Mel Brown Photography
IMG_6777soft, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.

Here is one of the many favorites of the pictures of the Miller baby. Sarah and Steve Miller cooked a good one! She is an absolute dolly baby! Had so much fun hanging out with Sarah for a while getting a few good pictures and of course loving on Ms. Callie. Thank you Sarah and Steve!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


IMG_6431a by Mel Brown Photography
IMG_6431a, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.

Had an absolute BLAST shooting these pictures! I could share a ton of these... so go check out my flickr account and see them all!
I just love them!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Love her!

IMG_6389 by Mel Brown Photography
IMG_6389, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
I had one of the most fun photo shoots ever this weekend. One of my BFF's are pregnant. I love this girl and just had to share!!  Thanks for such a fun time on Saturday Sarah!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not good at this blogging thing!

I guess I am not a good "blogger".  It's been quite a while again since I have been on here!  Sorry... though I am pretty sure there are not too many avid readers out there. 

Well I have a new addiction... Pintrest... what an addicting site!  Just a bunch of everything globbed together.  I get so over stimulated trying to see everything when I get on there... I end up on there for hours!  Totally fun site with so many sweet ideas!  Ideas for photos, food, home decor, kids stuff, clothing... it just goes on and on!

I haven't had too many photo shoots lately.  I did a fun photo shoot of my husbands cousin's daughter.  For Christmas she got the gift of having a photo shoot done to start her portfolio.  It was fun!  She is a young girl so I had to be careful with the posing, but so fun!  She is a beautiful girl too...see for yourself ------------------------------->
I am looking forward to a fun shoot probably in February sometime.  One of my BFF's (Sarah) is pregnant and wants to do some maternity shots.  She is an absolutely beautiful pregnant mama!  I am looking forward to that shoot!  It will be my first maternity shoot too... I have been looking for lots of fun ideas.  I need to start collecting my props!

On another note... my little sister (Leah) said I was getting old  :(  A bunch of friends and sister-in-laws and I started a Bunco club.  We had our first Bunco night, hosted by Me, this month. It was fun and I am looking forward to the girls-night-out once a month.  Guess if that means getting old then I am going to have to get used to the idea. 

Kiddos are doing well in school.  Nikolas is taking on reading a lot lately and seems to really enjoy the Diary of a Whimpy Kid series.  He has read 2 so far thanks to his Aunt Kristin (what a great lady).  She has made a deal with him that if he keeps reading them she will keep sending them until he has read the entire series.  He is all excited about that deal! Nikolas is starting football for the spring and Allyson is going to be a cheerleader and they are both are super stoked about starting those. 

Nikolas has his First Communion this year.  OMG I have a child old enough to have his First Communion!  When did that happen!?!?  I know all we mom's ask the same question "Where did the time go?"  Has anyone found an answer yet?  He has also told me he wants to be an Alter Boy which will start next year.  I am so proud of him! 

Welp that's about it for now... hopefully I'll get on here and update with some new and exciting news soon (have no clue what though!)  Ta Ta for now!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Feet Challenge

I entered a super cute contest with iheart faces. You can see all the entries here. There are lots of super cute entries. Here was mine.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yay for state holidays!

IMG_5568, a photo by Mel Brown Photography on Flickr.
IMG_5568 by Mel Brown PhotographyI haven't been feeling 100% this week and I am extremely happy that it's a short one! Veteran's Day is a State Holiday which means my kids go to school tomorrow, my husband goes to work and I am home alone, well me and the dog Miley! I plan on finishing up these senior pics... I took them last Saturday. She is a gorgeous girl!

Saturday I have a photo shoot with my BFF's (Stacey and Will) and their beautiful daughter Madison.

I just updated my website with some small changes and added more fun photo's... you can check it out at MB Photography.

Well it's a short update but I'll be back....